Remounts and Custom Design:

We offer custom designing for customers who have a special request to creat a piece of jewelry in commemoration of a unique occasion or event but more often our customer is just looking for a new design in an old piece of jewelry. Often the older ring or necklace may just be worn out but we can use the diamonds or other stones and set them into a new setting. There are many different reasons why one may want a new look for there most favorite ring. A change in their personal life, just tired of the old look or maybe they want to change the color of gold. At Biederman Jewelers our staff can help you browse through several catalogs or web sites to find that special design that suits your style but that also will accommodate the shapes and sizes of the stones that you want to save in the new style.

This restyling is our specialty and all of the work is done by Bill and Lynn Biederman at our store in Sparta and most often can be done in a few days.